Tacoma Mini-Cask

Tacoma Mini-Cask


Easy drinking APA.

Brewed with caramelised and crystal malts, and a triple addition of Cascade. Expect citrus, spicy and floral flavours, complemented by a subtle bitterness.

These mini-casks have been filled in exactly the same way as the 9 gallon casks we sell to pubs.

This means the beer will gently ferment inside the cask for that quintessential cask-conditioned carbonation.


Store in a cool place (10-12°c).

We recommend leaving the mini cask in a stationary position for 24 hours prior to drinking. This is to allow for any yeast in suspension to drop out and settle.

Once opened the beer will slowly lose carbonation – especially through excessive venting – so consume within 2-3 days.

Size Percentage
5 Litres 3.9%

Vegan Friendly

Click here for a video tutorial from the manufacturers on how to dispense.

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