Our mini casks have been filled in the same way as the 9 Gallon casks we sell to pubs.

This means the beer will gently ferment inside the cask for that quintessential cask-conditioned carbonation.


Store in a cool place (10-12°c).

We recommend leaving the mini cask in a stationary position for 24 hours prior to drinking. This is to allow for any yeast in suspension to drop out and settle, leaving the beer bright.

Once opened the beer will slowly lose carbonation – especially through excessive venting – so consume within 2-3 days for optimal freshness.

When opening and closing:

  1. Slowly open the vent at the top. This creates air flow for dispensing, and releases excess pressure built up inside.
  2. Pull the dispense tap out using the toggle.
  3. Slowly turn the tap anti-clockwise to dispense.
  4. Turn back to close the tap.

There is a QR code you can scan on the top for a YouTube tutorial if you need assistance.

Some top tips: