Mutiny Mini Cask

Mutiny Mini Cask


Aboard the Bounty you will taste lashings of coconut and chocolate, layered against a balanced Golden promise based malt bill.

This refreshing complex stout press gangs a boat load of flavours together in a masterly fashion to deliver you a taste of paradise.

Hope – Bramling Cross, EKG, Fuggles & Olicana


Store in a cool place (10-12°c).

We recommend leaving the mini cask in a stationary position for 24 hours prior to drinking. This is to allow for any yeast in suspension to drop out and settle, leaving the beer bright.

Once opened the beer will slowly lose carbonation – especially through excessive venting – so consume within 2-3 days.

Size Percentage
5 Litres 4.9%

Vegan Friendly

Click here for a video tutorial from the manufacturers on how to dispense.

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