Double Decker – 12 Pack

Double Decker – 12 Pack


We took our well received Milk Stout from 2022 and went back to the drawing board, lowering the ABV to make it much more attractive on your bars and in your fridges. Whilst upping the malt flavour content by layering 9 different malt varieties to develop a complex and delicious stout. We increased our adjunct with this new edition and steeped the beer in Cacao Nibs, Nougat and Vanilla pods.

We brew the beer using lactose – hence the ‘Milk Stout’ moniker, which gives the beer its velvety thick mouthfeel, whilst being able to run on your traditional keg line set up. This beer has buckets of character from the chocolate, vanilla and nougat, whilst remaining drinkable and not too sweet like a good stout should.

Adjunct: Vanilla, Nougat, Cacao Nibb

Style: Milk Stout

Percentage: 4.9%

Size: 440ml

Vegan Friendly

Double Decker - Can × 12

Milk Stout

Size %
440ml 4.9%


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