sour craft beer

360 Rosehip, Hibiscus, Raspberry Sour


As the world welcomes the 2022 festive season, we have welcomed a brand new sour beer to our line-up. As always, it’s innovative, bold, and crafted from the finest ingredients.


Brewing Method: In search of a more complex sour, we brewed hibiscus and rosehip tea, using only the best extra pale barley and wheat malt. After careful infusion, we kettle soured this elegant tea for an extended period, before fermenting at cool temperatures.


Tasting Note: This fruit & herb sour has intense and layered red fruit flavours, which we hope you will enjoy


Adjuncts: Rosehip, Hibiscus & Raspberry


Style: Fruited Sour


Percentage: 4.7%


Size: 440ml


Vegan Friendly: YES