Verdant – Even Sharks Need Water

Verdant – Even Sharks Need Water


Adam and James were homebrewers who loved hop-forward beers. They weren’t easy to find locally so in 2014 they started Verdant to make their own. Rich joined in 2016. With a little help from other craft brewers and friends, out poured juicy, hoppy, unfiltered hazy Pales, IPAs and DIPAs, and the brewery thrived thanks to like-minded drinkers everywhere. Being independent enables Verdant to stay ethical, sustainable, and keep pushing the boundaries of taste and quality.

One of our Verdant Brew co.’s NEIPA’s that’s here to stay. Heaps of Citra. Heaps of Galaxy. Couple it with our yeast strain’s beloved apricot esters and a fluff-filled luxurious body and it’s a win win for sure!

Style: NEIPA / Pale Ale

Percentage: 6.5%

Size: 440ml


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