Omnipollo – Bianca – Mango Lassi Gose

Omnipollo – Bianca – Mango Lassi Gose


Omnipollo® is a brewery founded by brewer Henok Fentie and artist Karl Grandin in 2010 with a shared vision of changing the perception of beer — forever.

They brew a plethora of styles to explore what beer has and can become. As a joint and equal partnership between a brewer and a graphic artist their creative process has come to resemble the work shop of other pop cultural expressions such as music.

Based on the traditional yoghurt based Indian drink, this weird and wonderful Gose style beer has an pronounced lacto sourness and a refreshing tropical character with a subtle hint of salt on the finish.

Style: Sour / Gose

Percentage: 6%

Size: 440ml


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