Bluebell 5L Mini Cask


Bluebell 5L Mini Cask

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Despite the proliferation of pale and ultra hoppy beers, a well-brewed Best Bitter is still a thing of beauty. Our contemporary version of the style is chestnut-coloured and brewed with British hops in the boil, and the addition of Cascade hops post boil to produce a lovely aromatic ale with a clean bitterness.

You can now enjoy the taste of our cask ale from the comfort of your home with this mini-cask, which will get you at least 8 pints.

This beer is bright, so consequently has a short shelf life.

Keep refrigerated. Guaranteed freshness, unopened, for a week from delivery.

Once opened we recommend consumption within 48 hours.

Size Percentage
5 Litres 4.2%


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