360° Brewing Company

We have three distinct ranges of beers.

Core Beers that we aim to keep available all year round.

Limited Edition Beers that we brew as often as we can but are not always available.

Small Batch Beers which we brew as and when we have a space in the schedule and a new recipe to experiment with.


For Trade Sales please email trade@360degreebrewing.com or call on 01825 722375

Low Rider Extra Pale Ale 3.3%

Extra pale malts and a massive dose of citrusy and zesty hops work together to create a low strength, high flavour session beer to be
quaffed at any time of the day or night.

Availability - SUMMER ONLY

Pale Ale 3.9%

Our signature cask pale ale is the beer you will keep coming back to. Oats are added to the mash for body and mouthfeel, and the combination of Kentish and North American hops give fruity and floral flavours and aromas that make this a very moreish beer.

Availability - Cask only


Despite the proliferation of pale and ultra hoppy beers, a well-brewed Best Bitter is still a thing of beauty. Our contemporary version of the style is chestnut-coloured, brewed with British hops in the boil, and the addition of Cascade hops post boil to produce a lovely aromatic ale with a clean bitterness.

Availability - Cask only


A simple malt bill creates the platform for an abundance of juicy Mosaic hops to shine in this dangerously sessionable pale ale. Dry-hopped with Amarillo and Chinook for hints of grapefruit 
and tangerine.

Availabilty - Cask, Keg and 330ml can.

Oatmeal Stout 4.5%

The combination of six different malts, and a good dose of flaked oats, creates a smooth, dark Stout with a chocolate sweetness, perfectly balanced with the generous use of UK grown Fuggles hops.

Availability - Cask and 330ml Can

Double Act - Pale Ale Centennial/Chinook 4.7%

Two of the very best American hops come together in this fruity pale ale – expect hints of lemon, grapefruit and pine. 

Availability - Cask Only

West Coast Pale Ale 5.2%

True to its origins, this Californian style pale ale is packed with the fruitiest and most vibrant U.S. hops, both during the boil and dry hopping. The delicate pale and crystal malt grist balances the 
fresh bitterness.

Availability - Cask only (Keg & 330ml can coming soon)

PILS 4.8%

Our modern take on the classic lager style. True to its roots, this beer is cold conditioned to give a clean, malty bite with German and Czech hops adding a delicate floral finish. Crisp, dry and refreshing.

Availabilty - Keg Only


For Trade Sales please email trade@360degreebrewing.com or call on 01825 722375

Blood Orange IPA 4.9%

Prepare for all things citrus. Sicilian blood orange is perfectly paired with citrusy, resinous US hops in a bittersweet juxtaposition. Vienna and Munich malts compliment the aromas with delicate toffee and biscuit flavours in this rewardingly bold beer. 

Availability - Keg and 330ml Can

New England Pale 4.4%

US East Coast yeast collides with juicy West Coast hops in a tropical fruit explosion! Oats and wheat add to a hazy, smooth body and mouthfeel. A complex but easy-going beer for all occasions.

Availability - Keg and 330ml Can

Twisted Tropical 5.0%

An abundance of oats and wheat create the platform for a tornado of tropical fruits to burst through in this hazy juice bomb. A quartet of hops smashed together deliver citrus tropical and pine notes.

Availability - Keg


For Trade Sales please email trade@360degreebrewing.com or call on 01825 722375

Session Red 4.3%

Centennial is celebrated in this single hopped beer. A complimentary malt bill delivers smooth caramel and biscuit notes to create a well balanced red ale.

Availability - Cask Only (Nov 2019 / Jan 2020) 

Juicy Pale 4.4%

Lots of Oats and Wheat in the mash, obscene amounts of post boil and dry hops and a fruity yeast strain combine to create a super juicy, super drinkable Pale Ale. Naturally hazy. 

Availability - Cask Only (Nov 2019/Jan 2020)

Five Cs APA 5.0%

Five of the best hops from the USA (Citra, Centennial, Chinook, Cascade and Columbus) blend together perfectly in this classic American Pale Ale style.

Availability - Cask Only (Feb/Mar 2020)


Pale Ale - Centennial 4.1%