Founded in 2013, we spent the first couple of years as a very small, part-time operation. During this time we were building our range and engaging with our local community to brew beers they enjoyed drinking. We were mainly selling locally, but by 2016 we had increased capacity and started to sell further afield.

Innovation and new beers followed and today, we are proud of our wide range of craft beer and ale. Our beers are diverse, some new, some bold and juicy, some challenging, some classic. But, all are great quality, made with attention to detail and real care.

We continue to seek feedback from our customers and club membership, whilst taking inspiration from the wider brewing community at home and abroad.

Our goal remains unchanged, to producing great beers, to be enjoyed by all.


The name 360 Degree Brewing Co. was born out of the fact that we are located on the Greenwich Meridian in East Sussex, at zero degrees longitude.

We enjoy drinking, sharing and making 360 degrees of craft beer, styles new and old, from far and wide. Our aim is to bring you 360° of the best craft beers we can.

Engaging with our local community is important to us, and we have always welcomed feedback on what we do and what we make.

As 360° Brewing Co. enters it’s next phase, we continue to welcome feedback and look to being involved wherever we can.


Robin, Will, Mark, John


In 2014 we formed our Members’ Club, in order to provide our local community with the opportunity to spend time at the brewery experiencing brewery-fresh beer.

We are proud to continue the members club as the brewery enters the next phase.

Click here for more information on benefits and how to join. All are welcome.